Lessons in CSS

Hello! So i finally got around to reading over CSS and i learned about ids and classes.

So basically the difference between ids and classes is ids can only be used for a specific element and can only be used once. Classes can be used for more than one element.

For example this is an ID:
{ font: times new roman;
font-color: blue;

The (#) identifies the fact that its an ID. Once that ID has been used on an element, it cannot be used again.

Now a class on the other hand would look something like this:
{ font: times new roman;
font-color: blue;

The dot identifies the class. This can be used on multiple elements so i have come to the conclusion that it would be better to use the class for the general layout of the site and ids to define specific elements.

Now this is a learning process for me so if i have misunderstood something, please let me know.


Talk about falling off

Well all I can really say is this is honestly not what I planned. I didn’t plan to be away for this long and I didn’t plan not to post.
Ya know how you look at something and use it as a reminder but you never get around to actually doing it? Well I bookmarked this blog on the top of my browser so I can look at it and click it AND update it but ya know I just never got around to doing it.

Do you know why? Cuz I’m a bonafide procrastinator. Ill admit it. The first step to changing is accepting yourself for what it is.

If father time exsist well procrastination has got to be his wife because she will not let you go.

Anyway, my internet is off so at best I can use my phone to update and to study.

1st stop is CSS because I pretty much know HTML. But I think ill post up the tags any way as a reminder.
This is gonna be a looooooooooonnnnngggg journey but its well worth it if I come out a better person.

The Evolution Begins……

I guess im supposed to say something dynamic and epic as the first entry to this fresh new blog, but im not.

I guess im supposed to say something like “Welcome to all my new readers!” but again, im not.

This blog is about ME and my ever evolving love for web design. I am going to showcase my baby steps from start to whenever. ( You never stop learning)

I am going to teach myself so web-programming languages while learning others in school at the same time.

Why am I doing this?

Ever had a goal you wanted to reach but fell off of it constantly because you had nothing to keep your eyes on the prize?

Well ladies and gents, this is my prize. This blog will be my baby that will grow with me as my skill progresses because frankly I am just tired of being a half asser…….